My Gadgets Since 2002

My Gadgets

I would consider myself as a step from "Geek". I love using Gadgets. My first post-pc era device was CASIO Casiopeia E200 Pocket PC. It was so excited to have computing power on your hand. Next I use Pocket PC from HP IPAQ 1930. It is my favorite handheld device for all time. I like the design/weight material and everything. I spend a lot of time playing with it. It have no bluetooth/cellular.


HP IPAQ 1930


By using those two Pocket PC model. It opened a new world for me as a Columnist. I first wrote a column in Pocket PC Magz since 2003 (I was a third year student) until the magazine was closed in 2006. I missed only one or two publication during that time. (My screen name is otorabi). I begin to write the article on PC World Magazine since 2005 to 2012. Yes… The Magazine have closed itself.