What is Business 2.0?

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Business 2.0 is a monthly magazine founded by magazine entrepreneur Chris Anderson and journalist James Daly, formerly at Forbes and Wired, in 1998 to chronicle the rise of the “New Economy.” Having originally set out to examine the interaction between technology and business, it now focuses primarily on innovation and business opportunity. In its first issue (coverline “New Rules”) it included a specially printed insert devoted to “The 10 Driving Principles of the New Economy,” adding an eleventh (partnerships) to the list in 2000.

The original principles, released in the magazine’s inaugural issue in July 1998, are:

  • Matter. (It matters less.)
  • Space. (Distance has vanished.)
  • Time. (It is collapsing.)
  • People. (They’re the crown jewels.)
  • Growth. (It’s accelerated by the network.)
  • Value. (It rises exponentially with market share.)
  • Efficiency. (The middleman lives on in “infomediaries”.)
  • Markets. (Buyers are gaining dramatic new power, sellers new opportunities.)
  • Transactions. (It’s a one-on-one game.)
  • Impulse. (Every product is available everywhere.)

Business 2.0 enjoyed extraordinary early growth in readers and advertising, selling more than 2000 advertising pages in just its second full year of publishing, believed to be a record for an American monthly newsstand magazine.

At the beginning of every year, Business 2.0 prints a popular list of the “101 Dumbest Moments in Business” that have occurred during the previous year.

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