Took a Picture With The President of Republic Austria!

Charnsak and the president of Austria, November, 2013

26 october 2013
This is a national day of Republic Austria.I went to the centre of Vienna, The Parliament and Hufborg palace which now is a resident of president of Austria. Dr.Heinz Fischer.

On 8 July 2004, Federal President Dr. Heinz Fischer was inaugurated for his first term before the Federal Assembly in the old assembly hall of the Reichsrat (Reichsratssitzungssaal) located in the Parliament building.

There is a picture of my in the web of the president:

When I was face to face, checking hand with him….I was about to say that It’s my pleasure!
But He speak a word to me that make me stunt! That word is “Ni hao”.

He think that I am Chinese…. I am not blame him. On the other hand, I feel pleased that he paid attention to detail of every person who take pictures with him!!…



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