The Old Building in Vienna

I spend sometime in Vienna (roughly a year with separated 6 months each). I keep telling myself that I will be back there again one day.

During those time, I have stay and moving into a few places. The first place I ever stay was a newly build student dormitory. I am the first person to stay at the room. Everything look good, modernize place with mostly IKEA furniture. Newly install heating system.

The New Apartment I was stating in 2003

The old one

However, during the 2019. I went back to the Vienna for around 6 months. This time I was not staying in the student dormitory anymore. I rent an apartment with around 70 sqm. in the downtown of Vienna through an online platform. I got a cheap price though. Below is the picture of that apartment.

The building I was staying in 2019

Well, I told myself the first time I saw this building, “Look so plain and not so new”. The building was in the center of the downtown Vienna with a great access to public transport. However, as I walk in closer, I notice the big Lion sign in the front of building.

Klein Wien 1914

The sign said ” KLEIN WIEN 1914″. So I look up in the internet and found an information from an Austria website stated that….

WHA “Klein Wien”, Vienna 15, Tannhäuserplatz 3 / Hollochergasse 32-38 (with Friedrich Wohlmeyer)

It was build by the architecture name Wilhelm Wohlmeyer in 1913-1914. When I found out about this. I was shocked because the building is aged more than 100 Years old.

The stair inside the building

By walking to the stair made me experience the pre technology life. The stair was design to save the most of the space in the building. I learned that there was no baht room inside the unit. people need to come out. Moreover, there is no pipe for the water. it will be in the hallway. So people need to come out for water.

I just imagine that how the people in the past felt when they were living once in the very same building. Do they feel the warm of the same sun and the cold of the winter like me? Do they have so much worry and problem in life like me? It won’t matter now because they are now gone. Also, we, the living…. some day,

When I was staying there I was dreaming about a girl. She stand in front of the unit I was in. So I ask her. Why won’t you come in? She did not answer but instead standing and watch me for sometime.

I was not staying here for a long time. However, it was a quite good and satisfied experience.