Measuring information on mobile devices usage: An entropy-based approach

Charnsak Srisawatsakul
Computer Science and Engineering Conference (ICSEC), 2016 International

Over the last decade, mobile devices have been widely used in numerous aspects. Thanks to mobile applications platforms that deliver millions of mobile applications for end users anytime and anywhere. Lately, research on mobile devices and mobile applications have been gaining more attention. However, the research to date has tended to focus on technical aspects or adoption behavior of mobile applications. There is still very little scientific understanding on how to measure the level of information in mobile device usage. Therefore, this study demonstrates an approach based on Shannon’s entropy for the measurement of the information level and uncertainty in mobile applications usage. The initial findings confirmed that the purposed method could measure the level of information in the mobile device usage. The different number of mobile applications and the frequency of each mobile application usage would generate different bits of entropy values, which mean it can use to indicate the level of information and uncertainty. The results of this paper will serve as indicators for the direction of our planned future research in this field.