The Adoption of Facebook vs Line for Classroom Communication: A Case Study of Faculty of Computer Science, Ubon Ratchathani Rajabhat University

Charnsak Srisawatsakul Waransanang Boontarig

In the last decade, Online Social Network became an important part in different field. One of the most famous filed is education. However, researchers did not pay much intention on this topic. Hence, there are still gaps in the research on the usage of online social network in the context of classroom communication. This study compare the usage of Facebook and Line in the context of classroom communication. There are 2 groups of participants in this study. Each group of student will use difference online social networks in the classroom communication for 3 months. The questionnaire was used to collected data from each group. The results show that participants have more intention to use Facebook than Line. The beta of multiple linear regression from intention to use of Facebook was 0.917 and Line 0.570. The recommendations were created for anyone who need to use online social network for classroom communication which may help them gain more adoption rate.

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