The Online Information System for Supporting Classroom Activities in Unstable Internet Connection : A Case Study of Ban Phokramul Primary School

Chatraphat Sittiphan Charnsak Srisawatsakul

This research aims to develop the online information system for supporting classroom
activities in unstable internet connection. Banphokramul primary school was used as a case
study. The online information system have 7 main functionalities which are student
information management, classroom activities management, money deposit management,students’ score management, students’ health management, Equipment management, and
report printing. The information system is a web application which was developed using HTML,
PHP and JavaScript. The data was store using MySQL database. The information system was
tested by participants from Banphokramul primary school including 10 active officers and 3
experts. The results suggest that participants feel that the information system is working as
their expectation (mean = 4.74), easy to use (mean = 4.82), usefulness (mean = 4.94) and
overall satisfaction (mean = 4.77). The methodology in this paper may use to apply with other
information system that need to operate in unstable internet connection.

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