First Computer

july , 12 2005
finally I got my PC at work now I can start my work. So I try to work hard.
Today , in the afternoon when I go to take some coffee. there have a person come to talk to me… that is…
  man : Hello, Are you from china?
  me   :  (quite a sec) no… I am from thailand.
   man : Oh that good. I was see a few of you here like?
   me   :  Yes. we come amount 10 people.
   man : oh yes. that great….
Why why why I am like chinese?
So yesterday too.
we ‘re  going to meet Hasha our manager.
me and 2 of my friend Kim and Aon.
Like thai culture when we talk to person that have higher seniority we must sit down right?
then we three sit down and talking with him.

after conversation,  he ask.
hasha : why you guy don’t  stand up?
we :  It’s thai culture  seniority sir.
hasha : No you must stand up No seniority ha?

So I started to work. It took me very busy then…

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